Little Shop of Charms

The Little Shop of Charms

Imagine visiting Harry Potter at Hogwarts and he says ‘Let’s go shopping’.  So you put on your cloaks and toodle off to Diagon Alley.

Once there you come across a tiny little shop with a bow fronted window.  You peer through the thick bottled glass at a display of sparkly charms and things in jars with no names.

You push open the rickety door and have to duck to get through.  You look up and see a vast, and I mean vast, array of all sorts of things that you want to pick up, smell, feel and have.

You look around.  The place is huge.  So many things to explore.  People are milling around.  Some are talking to each other and reading all the information available.  Others are having their futures read with tarot and crystal balls.  It feels like a great place to be.

Welcome to The Little Shop of Charms.  Browse the wonderful gifts for you or your friends and supplies for Pagan or Wicca ritual work as well as a growing store of information on all things magical and mystical.

I’ll soon be adding a category on this blog to feature specific items and specials from The Little Shop of Charms so bookmark or subscribe to keep up to date.

The Psychic ReaderAnd, if you want spiritual guidance you can visit The Little Shop of Charms’ sister site The Psychic Reader where you’ll find experienced and accurate clairvoyants that can offer a sympathetic ear and help you move forward in your life.