The simplicity of intuition

For something that we all have and all use on a day to day basis, intuition seems to be steeped in mystery and mysticism.

There is a plethora of books, DVDs, workshops, courses, initiations and tools available that promise to develop our intuition and many people spend their time searching these for a seemingly ‘Holy Grail’ that will switch on their intuition.

After a while it all starts to get very complicated.

Intuition is simply connection to our higher self: by using the wisdom of our higher self we can live in integrity with our life’s purpose.

In order to develop your own intuition there are just a few points to remember:

  1. Intuition is personal so what works for one person doesn’t work for another.  Find your own way rather than copy other people.  This means that you don’t necessarily need to go to any outside source to develop your intuition.
  2. Intuition is a natural ability that we all have so we don’t need initiations from others to ‘switch on’ unless we believe we do.
  3. Intuition is as simple as asking a question and listening for the answer.
  4. We each have our own way of hearing the answers to our questions.  This may be through dreams or day dreams.  We may hear a voice or feel things in our body.  It’s
    like our own special code and, once we know the key, it becomes easy to decipher the information we’re getting.
  5. Practise makes our intuition stronger.
  6. Trust in the answers we receive makes our intuition stronger.  If you disregard the information or don’t acknowledge it then you have to ask if you really want intuition to play a part in your life.
  7. A need to know makes our intuition stronger.  Use your intuition to fulfil your life’s purpose and help others achieve theirs and it will deliver for you.
  8. An ideal start is to spend a little time each day in meditation.  Even 5 minutes with your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing will slow your brainwaves down and connect you to your higher self.
  9. Your imagination is vital in developing your intuition.  If you don’t know the answer imagine what it is if you did.  What you mistake for imagination may very well be your intuition trying to communicate with you.
  10. Like our physical senses, intuition is a special gift and should be cherished.  It’s part of living our lives with integrity and using our intuition to manipulate others or to be nosy just doesn’t fit with integrity.

Intuition is simple if you let it be.

Jackie Notman is an intuitive adviser and coach who works on an energetic level with individuals and businesses using tools such as Feng Shui, Numerology, Dowsing, Astrology, I Ching and the Tarot.   This article is from her blog ‘Life – and everything else’ where you’ll find an eclectic mix of articles and information.


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September 2010 Specials – The Little Shop of Charms

The Little Shop of Charms

We are moving towards the equinox now where night equals day.  Those of you in the southern hemisphere will be looking forward to spring whilst those of us in the northern hemisphere see the harvest and the spectacular tree shows as leaves fire themselves up before falling.

Equinox signals a change in the season, the length of day and night and also a change in the energy, both of the earth and us.  Moving into Autumn  our energy constricts, becomes more focused and directed inwards.  In Tao philosophy this is known as Metal energy.  What that means for us is that it’s an ideal time for personal development and either discovering or enhancing our intuition.

So for this month I’ve chosen products that can either help you discover your intuition, develop what you already have or perhaps show you another way to access your very special senses.  All products have 10% off normal list price.

Psychic Box

Psychic BoxEver answered the phone knowing who would be on the other end? Now you can build your clairvoyant muscle with the Psychic box. Use the authentic crystal ball to ‘see’ your future, and explore your sensory perception with the Zener cards. The book includes a range of clairvoyant techniques and there is also a questionnaire to aid your learning experience.

The Psychic box contains a crystal ball, set of Zener cards and a 336-page book.

Price: £6.29  £5.66


Goetia Cross for Intuition

Goetia Cross for IntuitionCentred around an Arcane symbol from the Grimoire of Goetia this Magickal Cross is reputed to bestow upon its wearer the Power of Second Sight.

Size: 65 x 43mm / 2¾” x 1¾”

Price: £15.74  £14.17


Incense Jar of Isis for Intuition and Guidance

Incense Jar of Isis for IntuitionDedicated to the Egyptian goddess, this sweet incense contains gingery galangal for intuition and guidance. Use for healing, understanding and inspiration for problem-solving.
Supplied in 60ml jar.

Price: £5.24  £4.72


Mystic Messenger

The Mystic Messenger Board KitFor personal, accurate, and motivational guidance look to The Mystic Messenger!  It responds quickly to all your queries by selecting the perfect response from nearly 12,000 possible answers.

Here’s how: take the 48 split-page and Wire-O bound book and stand it up in the tray at the bottom of the box to form a special altar. Simply throw the four 12-sided, color-coded dice while asking a question. Then, match the numbers on the dice to the split-page of the same color. There, written on each card, is the resolution to your quandary, and the formula for changing what you have into what you want.

Price: £15.74  £14.17


The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards

Wisdom of Avalon Cards for IntuitionThe Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid is a 52-card divination system – an inspirational tool to bridge the unseen world of Spirit and the physical world of our day-to-day lives.

Based on the rich mythology of ancient Britain’s Isle of Avalon and the wisdom teachings of its priestesses, these cards will help you find valuable and powerful insights in all aspects of life as you chart your path and manifest your destiny with clarity and purpose. Their use will shed light on what has been, what needs illumination in the present, and what will weave patterns into the future. The deck will help you discover the potential of your own intuition as you follow the omens and symbols of the Goddess, the Kingdom of the Faeries, Merlin, and the Priestess of magical Avalon. See into the future…and discover that you are more than you know!

Price: £12.60  £11.34


Titania’s Crystal Ball and Book Set

Titania's Crystal Ball and Book SetTitania, Britain’s most famous and widely read White Witch, presents her own crystal ball, and explains how, with the proper approach, patience and concentration, anyone can learn crystalomancy and see their own future, and that of others. Given the right preparation and focus it will be your lens to a new vision of the world.Box contains authentic crystal glass ball with stand and a 64 page illustrated guidebook that explains absolutely every thing you need to know on this product including the interpretations of colours, images and photos you may see in the crystal ball.

Price: £17.84  £16.06


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