Feng Shui

There is a natural energy that flows through your life. Living against this energy makes life difficult and you may have problems with your health, wealth, relationships & happiness.  Feng Shui helps you live in the flow with harmony, balance and ease. 

Some people call it magic, others call it spooky science.  I call it common sense.

Feng Shui is thought of as being Oriental but there is a strong tradition of Feng Shui here in the West.  We just don’t have label for it.

To find out what Feng Shui is all about, including Chinese Astrology, Space Clearing, Geopathic Stress and Dowsing have a look at my Feng Shui website – FS168.

There are products for sale, lots of FREE information and tips to get you into the Feng Shui way of thinking.  I’m also available for talks and workshops on many different subjects.  You can contact me at jackie@fs168.co.uk