October 2011 Specials – The Little Shop of Charms

The Little Shop of Charms

The equinox has happened and we’re moving quickly towards Hallowe’en or Samhain as it’s known in the Pagan calendar.  This is a time to cast off the old and start the new.  The veil between the physical plane and the spiritual plane is very thin at Samhain so it’s also a time to connect with those we have lost in the physical world, give thanks and say farewell…for now.  The Specials this month are designed to help you get into the spirit of this wonderful season.

The Real Magick Witches Toolkit from The Little Shop of CharmsReal Magick Witches Tool Kit

£25.96  £23.36

You don’t have to be an initiated Witch to make Magick, as all of us are born with a sixth sense that enables us to make Magick happen. The  difference is that whilst we are encouraged by our parents to see, hear, smell,  taste and even talk, most of us are discouraged from fantasising, having  conversations with imaginary friends and anticipating events in the future,  which would otherwise be our first steps on the Magickal path. These powers are still latent within all of us and the Magickal tools in this Tool Kit are simply devices to enable you to find, direct and channel this Magickal energy which is within you.

Cernunnos for Renewal And Transformation from The Little Shop of CharmsCernunnos for Renewal and Transformation

£7.57  £6.81

The Celtic antlered god Cernunnos is followed for his life-fertility-death cycle. His death is now usually set at Samhain (or Hallowe’en, October 31st) and his rebirth is marked at or around Spring Equinox.

Learn to Astral Travel meditation from The Little Shop of CharmsLearn to Astral Travel Metaphysical Guided Meditation

£16.23  £14.61

One of the most amazing human experiences is when you can consciously leave your physical body and astral travel. Journey to the far reaches of the universe, move forwards and backwards in time, explore new worlds and other dimensions, enter the spirit realm and meet spiritual masters, and tap directly into the Akashic Records. With this meditation you can visit the realms that are beyond physical death.

Samhain to Invoke Vision from The Little Shop of CharmsSamhain (25 Oct – 16 Nov) to Invoke Vision

£23.99  £21.59

The Celts celebrated New Year’s Eve on October 31, a night of supernatural magic when the spirits of their ancestors appeared to feasting villagers. Irish goddess the Morrigan, as a raven, rules over Samhain blessing those born now with vision and power (Sterling silver pendant).

The Witch's Pendulum Set from The Little Shop of CharmsWitch’s Pendulum Set

£13.99  £12.59

Complete with The Witch’s Chart which has been carefully designed to aid budding Witches work.  Whether you are just starting out or an accomplished Witch, The Witch’s Pendulum can answer questions such as the best time to cast a spell or tell you if the location is conducive to your intention.


September 2011 Specials – The Little Shop of Charms

The Little Shop of Charms

In September we’ll experience an equinox when night and day are of equal length.  In the northern hemisphere it’s the autumn equinox and the days will quickly start to shorten as we head towards winter.  In the southern hemisphere it’s the spring or vernal equinox and the energy quickens to bring spring.  Wherever you are the equinox signals a change of direction and a change of energy.  Why not use this time to look at changes you want to make in your life and yourself?  The Specials this month are designed to help you do that.


Selkie for Transformation from The Little Shop of CharmsSelkie for Transformation

£9.30 £8.37

Selkie guides the wearer through times of change for transformation bringing new opportunities.


Tao stones from The Little Shop of CharmsTao Stones

£6.49  £5.84

Chinese meditations for everyday.Open the door to the way of the Tao, source of guidance and inspiration for the Chinese for millenia. Take two stones, match them to the combination shown in the book, and refer to your reading. You will receive a proverb, poem and meditation, plus a message for your day.

The Tao box contains 2 sets of 8 oval meditation stones with calligraphy, brocade drawstring bag and a 160-page illustrated book of readings.


Being your potential CD set from The Little Shop of CharmsBeing Your Potential 6 CD Audio Program

£105.01  £94.51

Imagine a life free of limitations.What type of relationships would you have?
How would it transform your health?  What type of financial success would you achieve?In this six disc audio program, Joseph Clough will show you how to discover the secrets of success in every area of your life.
Through these mind technologies you will be able to transform your life to a level you have only dreamed of.CD 1: Joseph teaches you how to take back control of your life. Learn how you can begin to create the life you want whilst feeling true gratitude for ‘Now’.CD 2: Joseph explains how our unconscious mind works and how you can harness its full power. Discover how thoughts actualize your outcomes and how paying attention to your feelings creates ‘the power of focus’.

CD 3: Get ready to really believe in your goals as Joseph teaches you the creative process to achieve your dreams. Find out how you can feel good about yourself by refusing to ‘buy into’ other peoples limitations. You’ll also learn how to train your internal state at will as you live by ‘inspired action’.

CD 4: Allow Joseph to show you how to finally clear your mental blocks and limitations. Release old negative emotions and let yourself be free of the past so you can clearly attract your future.

CD 5: Joseph teaches you the powerful ‘Principles of Success’. You’ll discover how to map out your life so that you ‘know’ it will happen and gain tips to reinforce your vision and achieve your true potential.

CD 6: Track 1: Amazing Relationships Hypnosis Section Track 2: Perfect Health Hypnosis Section Track 3: Financial Abundance Hypnosis Section Track 4: General Wellbeing Manifestation Section

Joseph Clough is an international motivational trainer and coach whose goal in life is to help each person achieve their dreams.
He will share with you his powerful and proven techniques, allowing you to make effective changes in your life and to take control in creating the results you desire.

Are you ready to fulfill your potential?

Eclipse for Beneficial Change from The Little Shop of Charms

Eclipse for Beneficial Change

£7.00  £6.30

The subtle juxtaposition of the moon and sun in Eclipse represents Beneficial Change
Size: 45 x 35mm / 2″ x 1½”

Empower Yourself Hypnosis CDs

£27.06  £23.00

Your mind is extremely powerful and, if you get your thinking right, it becomes so much easier to reach your goals, be healthy, happy and achieve the success you deserve.  Our range of Empower Yourself Hypnosis CDs are all designed to address a specific issue:

  • Stop smoking
  • Overcome social phobias and shyness
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Get over your ex partner
  • Overcome depression
  • Stop binge drinking
  • Overcome jealousy
  • Overcome wedding day nerves
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Stop bulimia
  • overcome anorexia
  • Overcome chronic fatigue
  • Acquire gym motivation
  • Improve football performance
  • Overcome arachnophobia (fear of spiders)
  • Overcome obsessive compulsive behaviour
  • Overcome gambling addictions

Isn’t it time you finally dealt with the issues in your life and moved forward?



July/August 2011 Specials – The Little Shop of Charms

The Little Shop of Charms

When I was a kid this time of year was very exciting because it meant long school holidays.  And the funny thing is that I can’t remember them ever being cold, wet or rainy but I’m sure there were some days like that.  The Specials this holiday time are for the children in your life…just in case it rains!

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo for Children from The Little Shop of CharmsEeny, Meeny, Miney & Mo

£11.90 £10.71

Guided Meditation for Children – Eeny, Meeny, Miney & Mo by Michelle Roberton-Jones for ages 5 and upwards.

Created by Michelle Roberton Jones and Llewellyn, the Starchild Series of guided meditations for children introduces four wonderful characters – Eeny, Meeny, Miney & Mo.

These 10 fun short meditations offer children a chance to interact and really explore their imaginations:

  • Enchanted Forest
  • Magic Paintbrushes
  • The Dragon
  • Wishing Tree
  • White Rabbit’s Birthday
  • Hidden Treasure
  • Crystal Cave
  • Rainbow Bird
  • Unicorn Magic
  • Midnight Dance


Treasure Bag for Children from The Little Shop of CharmsTreasure Bag for Children

£6.49  £5.84

Our Treasures in a Bag gift set contains chunks of Pirates Gold (pyrite fools gold) and tumbled gemstones both supplied in these great cotton pouches. Ideal for Christmas gifts or party bags.
Each bag weighs 65grms.  Size approximately 3cm diameter on cord. Colours vary and price is for one item only.

Angel Guided Meditations for Children from The Little Shop of Charms

Angel Guided Meditations for Children

£11.90  £10.71

This beautiful CD for children holds four magical meditations, with the intention of empowering each listener to explore their imagination and find that special place inside where adventures unfold.


Angel Cards for Children from The Little Shop of CharmsAngel Cards for Children

£10.82  £9.74

These beautiful crafted cards with Angel illustrations aim to inspire and delight small children and their parents alike. Angels are very familiar to a child’s world whose vivid imagination is yet undisturbed by too many influences from the practical world. Thus these colourful cards encourage the natural tendency of young kids to connect and play with their Angels, to experience these unseen beings as someone who gives them support and comfort and a sense of identity and importance.



DNA, our Sub-Conscious and Universal Consciousness – have you connected yet?

Russian scientists have published some astounding research information regarding our DNA and human potential.

Not only does it support so called ‘New Age’ theories that we can heal ourselves through communication with our sub-conscious but also that we are all connected through a unifying field or universal consciousness.  And all this through our DNA.

The research is summarised here and it makes fascinating reading.  Researchers concentrated on the 90% of our DNA that could not be proven, scientifically, to do anything physically.  Demonstrating a refreshing viewpoint, these scientists decided that Nature would not give us something that did not have a purpose.  I applaud them for that: nature is smart and efficient and everything we’re endowed with has a purpose.

They found that DNA could react to and be altered with vibration: radio light and sound.  So, chanting or saying affirmations to ourselves can start to have a basis in science and, when we are communicating with our sub-conscious we are also communicating with our DNA.  Perhaps they are one and the same.

The research also found evidence of a group consciousness.  Again this is very old thinking, accepted in the past but ignored now in our scientific age.  Like any energy we can learn (or remember) how to use this to promote good things such as love and peace rather than the bad stuff such as violence and hatred.  It’s our choice but, until we can change our mindset we are not really capable of making that choice.

Once we can accept that we are amazingly powerful beings individually: able to heal ourselves and help others and also that we are of the same source so, coming together we work synergistically, then we are ready to change the world.  It is very possible and tremendously exciting.  All we have to do is put our own egos aside, make the connection and believe it.

Jackie Notman is a copywriter, feng shui consultant and e-commerce retailer.  This article is from The Little Shop of Charms – Resources and information on New Age, Pagan, Wicca, Gothic, Spiritual, Angels, Psychics and all things Magical and Mystical.

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May 2011 Specials – The Little Shop of Charms

The Little Shop of Charms

We’re celebrating Beltane at the beginning of May here in the Northern Hemisphere whilst Samhain celebrations are under way in the Southern Hemisphere.

I’m writing this whilst the sun is shining and the blossom is on the trees and the Specials this month have a flavour of May Day celebrations with music, fire and thoughts of fertility….

Red Spell Candles from The Little Shop of CharmsRed 4″ Spell Candles for Fertility & Passion (10 Pk)

£5.09  £4.58

Pack of ten Red 4″ spell candles for spell work and ritual work. Used in spells for fertility, energy, passion, health & courage. These are hand dipped tapered candles and solid colour.Size 4″x 1/2″dia. Burn time is 2 2.5 hours. Pack of 10.


Rock the Goddess from The Little Shop of CharmsRock the Goddess – Daughters of Gaia

£16.23  £15.42

Daughters of Gaia featuring Barbara Meiklejohn-FreeRock the Goddess is an album of outstanding songs specifically aimed at Wiccans and Pagans with new and traditional songs about the Goddess and all other things Wiccan.

Oak Bark from The Little Shop of CharmsOak Bark for Fertility & Virility 150grms


£2.93  £2.64


Oak Bark is used for fertility, virility, success and prosperity in many spells and mixes. Burn oak bark as an incense to promote protection. Carry some oak bark in a pouch to increase fertility and sexual potency.In herbal medicine oak bark is used for its strong astringent properties and as a tea it helps fight diarrhea and dysentery. Used externally to treat hemorrhoids, inflamed gums, wounds, and eczema.  (Please consult a trained herbalist before taking any herbal remedies.)

Real magick Spell Kit for Love from The Little Shop of CharmsReal Magick Spell Kit for Love

£16.23  £14.61

The Love Spell Kit includes step by step instructions to create your own Magick Love Spell.Contents of the Magick Spell Kit Ritual Instruction Booklet. Two Love poppets for you and your Desired one. Red Candle and Candle Holder. Rose Petals, Rose Quartz. Red Binding Ribbon. Incense Cone. Salt from the Dead Sea. Consecrated Water Vessel, Salt Vessel and Incense Vessel. Size: 100X60mm.


Beltane Celtic Charm from The Little Shop of CharmsBeltane Charm to Invoke Power

£12.98  £11.68

This period of time celebrates the Celtic god Bel and Bel-tene means ‘a bright fire’, lit to mark the return of the sun. May Eve bonfires awaken the sleeping Dragon of earth energy, ensuring fertility for crops and cattle. Power and vitality are attributes of Beltane-born people.

Bliss by Bliss from The Little Shop of CharmsBliss – Bliss


£16.23  £15.42


Top selling album from the brilliant Bliss






April 2011 Specials – The Little Shop of Charms

Here in the UK we’ve just adjusted the clocks and are now in British Summer Time.  The evenings are lighter, the birds are singing and, although we’ve had some pleasant sunshine, the temperatures say that Summer is yet to come but Spring is bursting into life all around us.

In England on the 23rd of this month we celebrate our patron Saint George famous for killing the Dragon.  St George is synonymous with the Archangel St Michael and is a strong protective force.   But the Dragon isn’t all bad.  One school of thought is that the Dragon represents earth energies and that St George is actually performing earth acupuncture to tame the Dragon (make the energy beneficial) rather than kill it.

The Dragon is a magical creature so, this month the Specials from the Little Shop of Charms celebrate the Dragon, its magic, its protective energy and other qualities we can use in our lives.

Fire Dragon for Creativity and Enlightenment

£8.65  £7.79

Fire Dragon from The Little Shop of CharmsThis unusual pewter pendant representing the ancient magic of the Fire Dragon can be worn to enhance Creativity and Enlightenment.
This beautiful charm comes in a clear packet with instructions & meaning.
Size: 47 x 50mm / 2″ x 2″


Sacred Dragon Amulet for Psychic Protection

£19.48  £17.53

Sacred Dragon Amulet from The Little Shop of CharmsCentred around the Star of Solomon, inscribed with the Tetragrammaton, the Holy Hebrew Name of God, the Dragon Guardians serve as a reminder of the potency of this powerful protective amulet. For Physical and Psychic Protection.Size: 50 x 33mm


Water Dragon for Love and Fulfilment

£7.57  £6.81

Water Dragon from The Little Shop of CharmsThe ancient magic of the Water Dragon is known for Love and Fulfilment. Represented in this lovely pewter pendant that can be worn to improve Love and Fulfilment in your life.
Size: 80 x 31mm / 3″ x 1¼”

Keeper of the Crystal for Healing & Divination

£35.72  £32.15

Keeper of the Crystal from The Little Shop of CharmsA precious healing crystal rests firmly in the grasp of the dragon, truly a treasure. The wearer may use this sterling silver pendant as a pendulum or therapeutic tool, as the dragon symbol protects from unwanted influences.
Approximate size: 2″


Dragon’s Blood Resin for Astral Travel

£4.99  £4.49

Dragons Blood Resin from The Little Shop of CharmsBurn Dragon’s Blood resin to neutralize negative energy and for cleansing. Dragon’s Blood is also associated with shape-shifting and astral travel.


Dracogram for Premonitions

£16.23  £14.61

Dracogram for Premonitions from The Little Shop of CharmsClutching its divination ball, the Dragon symbolises Life Force combined with the magickal energy of the Pentagram to form a powerful talisman for Scrying into the future.Size: 40 x 36mm


For a vast range of pagan, wiccan, gothic products, as well as lots of other interesting products and information visit The Little Shop of Charms.

March 2011 Specials – The Little Shop of Charms

The Little Shop of Charms

March is one of my favourite months because it marks the Vernal Equinox where night equals day.  That means that, here in the northern hemisphere, spring is truly on its way and the days are getting longer.

The equinox is also known as ‘Ostara‘ where the God is strong and the Goddess is renewed as maiden.  In the system of Tao that incorporates Feng Shui, the Yang energy is rising as the Yin gives way.  What this all means is there is lots of energy to create and be active with.  The specials this month have been chosen to give you a little extra oomph should you need it.

Create Your Own Destiny Metaphysical Guided Meditation

£16.23  £14.61

Creat your own Destiny from The Little Shop of CharmsCreate Your Own Destiny: success, love and happiness, all that is truly your very own destiny.The creative imagery, gentle healing music, subliminal affirmations and trance inducing frequencies is your “intuitive tool’ the guide to assist your inner journey. The process will assist you to raise your energetic frequencies, release old limiting energetic and subconscious blocks to create a new program for you to create the reality you desire.

Using guided meditations, music, subliminal messages, trance inducing frequencies and binaural beats you can expand your mind and empower your mind, body and spirit.

Health and Well Being Crystal Set

£9.74  £8.77

Health & Wellbeing Crystal Set from The Little Shop of CharmsThe set contains:HEAMATITE The stone of the mind, focuses energy and emotions, balances the mind, body and spirit.

ROSE QUARTZ Restores calmness and clarity after traumatic situations, helps to heal emotional wounds.

RED JASPER Brings problems to light before they become overwhelming, an excellent ‘worry’ stone and the stone of health.

UNAKITE Promotes recovery and regeneration after illness and encourages inner peace.

CLEAR QUARTZ Powerful healer and energy amplifier, stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.

Supplied in nice presentation box with satin pouch and instructions, great for giving.

Dragon Athame for Manifestation of Thought

£16.23  £14.61

Dragon Athame for Manifestation of Thought & Desires from The Little Shop of CharmsThe Life Force, symbolised by the Dragon, in harmony with the powers of the intellect invoked by the Athame, an Air sign, combine to create a powerful talisman for Manifestation of Thought.Size: 65 x 26mm


Feng Shui Box

£6.49  £5.84

The Feng Shui Box from The Little Shop of CharmsAttract good luck into your home.For centuries the Chinese have used the ancient system of Feng Shui to create harmonious surroundings which bring happiness and prosperity. The Feng Shui box contains everything to enable you to encourage auspicious energy to your home.

The Feng Shui box contains 8 trigram cards, 4 celestial animal cards, bagua template and compass, red ribbon and 224-page book of instructions.

Wealth Pendulum Set

£12.94  £11.65

The Wealth Pendulum Set from The Little Shop of CharmsThe Wealth Pendulum Set includes a Wealth chart that has been specifically designed to answer your questions on money, finance and wealth.This is a quality pendulum set complete with its own storage box and instruction leaflet.

Copper and Crystal Wand with Velvet Wrap

£20.56  £18.50

Copper & Crystal Wand from The Little Shop of CharmsWand with velvet covered shaft and copper ends. Assorted crystal point and ball. Size approx 160mm


Real Magick Spell Kit for Success

£16.23  £14.61

Real Magick Spell Kit for Success from The Little Shop of CharmsThis is an authentic and very powerful Success Spell and with this Spell Kit, you have made a major step towards achieving Success. For the Spell to work, all you need is to have an open mind and to follow the instructions precisely and wholeheartedly.Contents of the Magick Spell Kit for Success: Ritual Instruction Booklet. Success Herbs. Sodalite Pebble. Ribbon. Gris-Gris Bag. Indigo Candle and Candle Holder. Incense Cone. Salt from the Dead Sea. Consecrated Water Vessel, Salt Vessel and Incense Vessel. Size: 100X60mm