October 2011 Specials – The Little Shop of Charms

The Little Shop of Charms

The equinox has happened and we’re moving quickly towards Hallowe’en or Samhain as it’s known in the Pagan calendar.  This is a time to cast off the old and start the new.  The veil between the physical plane and the spiritual plane is very thin at Samhain so it’s also a time to connect with those we have lost in the physical world, give thanks and say farewell…for now.  The Specials this month are designed to help you get into the spirit of this wonderful season.

The Real Magick Witches Toolkit from The Little Shop of CharmsReal Magick Witches Tool Kit

£25.96  £23.36

You don’t have to be an initiated Witch to make Magick, as all of us are born with a sixth sense that enables us to make Magick happen. The  difference is that whilst we are encouraged by our parents to see, hear, smell,  taste and even talk, most of us are discouraged from fantasising, having  conversations with imaginary friends and anticipating events in the future,  which would otherwise be our first steps on the Magickal path. These powers are still latent within all of us and the Magickal tools in this Tool Kit are simply devices to enable you to find, direct and channel this Magickal energy which is within you.

Cernunnos for Renewal And Transformation from The Little Shop of CharmsCernunnos for Renewal and Transformation

£7.57  £6.81

The Celtic antlered god Cernunnos is followed for his life-fertility-death cycle. His death is now usually set at Samhain (or Hallowe’en, October 31st) and his rebirth is marked at or around Spring Equinox.

Learn to Astral Travel meditation from The Little Shop of CharmsLearn to Astral Travel Metaphysical Guided Meditation

£16.23  £14.61

One of the most amazing human experiences is when you can consciously leave your physical body and astral travel. Journey to the far reaches of the universe, move forwards and backwards in time, explore new worlds and other dimensions, enter the spirit realm and meet spiritual masters, and tap directly into the Akashic Records. With this meditation you can visit the realms that are beyond physical death.

Samhain to Invoke Vision from The Little Shop of CharmsSamhain (25 Oct – 16 Nov) to Invoke Vision

£23.99  £21.59

The Celts celebrated New Year’s Eve on October 31, a night of supernatural magic when the spirits of their ancestors appeared to feasting villagers. Irish goddess the Morrigan, as a raven, rules over Samhain blessing those born now with vision and power (Sterling silver pendant).

The Witch's Pendulum Set from The Little Shop of CharmsWitch’s Pendulum Set

£13.99  £12.59

Complete with The Witch’s Chart which has been carefully designed to aid budding Witches work.  Whether you are just starting out or an accomplished Witch, The Witch’s Pendulum can answer questions such as the best time to cast a spell or tell you if the location is conducive to your intention.


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