No surprise that Debenhams bucks retail trends

The UK department store Debenhams has bucked current retail trend by announcing better than expected revenue and pre-tax  profits for the summer months and running into
their year end accounts in October.

Many are asking how they’ve managed it and many intellectual observations have been made.  However, if we look at the energy around the Debenhams brand and the organisation, we can throw a little more light on their current success.

The brand ‘Debenhams’ has a numerological energy of 3.  This energy is creative and, for want of a better word, bouncy.  It finds ways to achieve things.  Sometimes the energy can go off in all sorts of different directions which is not associated with the Debenhams we know.  But, if you look at the organisation’s incorporation date (or its birth date) it is ruled
by the 6 Heaven star in Feng Shui Astrology. (Incorporation date 28/1/1905).  This makes it trustworthy, reliable and calms that bouncy 3 energy down.

This year the 6 Heaven star is in an energetic house bringing wealth and creativity so it’s hardly surprising that Debenhams continues to be not just a part of UK retail, but a successful player.

They plan to move their headquarters and overhaul their flagship Oxford Street branch in 2013.  The overhaul is well starred as they’ll be in their own house for that year and
very stable.  My only tip would be to have an energetic survey done on their new headquarters.  They’ve done so well so far it would be a shame to ignore a little Feng Shui to keep their fortunes sweet.

Of course, it’s easy to apply numerology and Feng Shui astrology in retrospect.  Both are much more effective when applied in the early stages of a business or at crucial
points in an organisation’s life cycle and growth phases.  Date Selection and Branding can be given a ‘once over’ in terms of Feng Shui and numerology to ensure that the best possible energies are being utilised to ensure success.  Many successful businesses and business people use these energetic tools to give them an edge in an increasingly competitive world.

Jackie Notman is an intuitive adviser and coach who works on an energetic level with individuals and businesses using tools such as Feng Shui, Numerology, Dowsing, Astrology and the Tarot.   This article is from her blog ‘Life – and everything else’ where you’ll find an eclectic mix of articles and information.

This Feng Shui information is general for everybody. However, there are deeper levels of Feng Shui which take into account you and your specific business or home environment. 

 If you would like to find out more about living in harmony with your environment, and using energy to your advantage, contact Jackie Notman on 07920 461574 or
through her website


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  1. great post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not notice this. You must continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!

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