Law of Attraction – it’s not going to work if you fail to take this into account

Most people have heard of the Law of Attraction since the phenomenal success of The Secret (The Secret (Extended Edition) [DVD]).  It is a universal law that has been with us since Biblical times and probably before.  It states that what you give out you will receive back: hate or love – your choice.

Well, what choice is that?  Of course we all want to be happy and to have a healthy and wealthy life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  So, we think good thoughts, we are positive, charitable and happy to serve.  We imagine what we want in our lives and have faith that we will receive.

BUT…for many people they don’t get what they receive.  Why, if it’s so simple, does that happen?

The Law of Attraction is based on the premise that there is a unifying force in the world and that we are part of that force.  This force is the basis of our physical world and can be manipulated with intention to provide our reality.  Our connection to this force is through our sub-conscious.

All well and good so far.  Quantum physics can demonstrate that everything is derived from an underlying energy and that the observer can affect the outcome of experiments on this energy.

So why do so many people have lives that they would not choose?  One theory is that of Karma.  The choice of this life has been made by our actions in previous lives.  Another is that our Soul has made the choice before coming into our physical body so our conscious mind is not aware of the reasons we are living this life this way.

The Law of Attraction suggests that we can overrule any previous choices and create the life we truly want.  Simply, we just need to instruct our sub-conscious, wind it up and send it out to bring everything we desire to us.  If this is so there is a weak link in the chain of command which may explain why so many people get frustrated with practising the Law of Attraction and do not get results.  And that weak link is one of communication.

We assume that we use our conscious mind to instruct our sub-conscious: we meditate, chant mantras, visualise, repeat affirmations, draw up picture boards and generally try to change how we perceive our reality and hope our sub-conscious will get the message.

However, the big mistake we make is by underestimating just how amazing our sub-conscious is.  It runs all the processes in our bodies whilst keeping an eye on our environment to ensure that we keep safe.  At the same time it has filed virtually everything that it’s ever registered and will use that information in future when we find ourselves in similar circumstances.  It can process up to 4,000,000,000 bits of information per second whilst our conscious mind can only get through 2,000.  It is an animal – our own animal – that we don’t understand and yet it has the power to kill us, cure us or give us the life that we want: if only we knew the language.

By understanding that our sub-conscious doesn’t just take note of our intentions, chanting, affirmations or picture boards we can make a huge leap in making the Law of Attraction work for us.  Our sub-conscious is continually taking note of our environment, where we are and who we’re with.  And if that environment is not congruent with the intentions that our conscious mind tries to communicate to it then how does it know what we really, really want?

For example, if you want recognition for your talents and state this as an affirmation daily but then, when somebody gives you a compliment on a job well done you say ‘Oh it was nothing’ that’s confusing and incongruent.

If you are looking for your soul mate but your home reflects arty images of single, lonely looking people that’s confusing and incongruent.

If you want to be an entrepreneur and star t a business but spend your time with people who tell you it’s a bad time to start a business and you’ll never succeed that’s confusing and incongruent.

And I could go on.

There’s a simple answer to this.  Look at your life using Feng Shui principles.  Feng Shui is about living in harmony with the energies that are inherent in you and your space (home or workplace).  However, Feng Shui is also about defining your goals and setting your intentions within your environment as well as your mind.  Just imagine how much more effective the communication would be with your subconscious if all those 4,000,000,000 bits of information it processes every second said the same thing: ‘I am healthy’, ‘I am loved’, ‘I am wealthy’?

So, if you’re trying the Law of Attraction, or any self-improvement plan, bring your environment into the equation too for real, life changing results.

Jackie Notman is a copywriter, feng shui consultant and e-commerce retailer.  This article is from her blog ‘Life – and everything else’ where you’ll find an eclectic mix of articles and information.

 This Feng Shui information is general for everybody. However, there are deeper levels of Feng Shui which take into account you and your specific business or home environment. 

 If you would like to find out more about living in harmony with your environment, and using energy to your advantage, contact Jackie Notman on 07920 461574 or through her website

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